Q: How do I register for a course?

A: Scroll down to see an event calendar on the right side of your screen.  Above the calendar are arrows to move between months.  Any days that have a color on the calendar is a different event.  Scroll over each color, click register now, fill out the information and pay.  It’s that easy!

Q: Why should I take the Basic Pistol Course when I can do it online?

A: We understand that personal budgets would make online courses a prospective choice in gaining your Concealed Handgun Permit but do you really believe this provides any person, novice or advanced shooter the skills to properly carry a firearm? We do not. I want to trust that the person in line next to me could properly utilize their firearm in the unsure world we live in today. Just remember, when you HAVE to use your firearm, you potentially only have one shot at it!!

Q: What makes you different than the other gun shops in the area?

A: We want to be your instructor for life. We have attended some of the worlds best firearm courses in our military careers, passing on that knowledge is our goal. Other gun shops make you feel intimidated, shy to ask questions or sometimes sub-human. Walking into BKD our goal is to be your friend in the first 5 minutes. We want you to recommend us to your friends. We can make any person feel comfortable around firearms. Our own wives have been converted from “no guns in the house” to weekly range shooters. We all know it’s a great way to relieve stress!

Q: I’m military, what can you guys offer me?

A: We all have something to share. You may have knowledge we don’t, share it! Do you know if the skills you have learned are the most optimal? Methods change. Our techniques are a hybrid of forgien defenses and our American style. Besides, let’s share sea stories!

Q: I am disabled, can you help?

A: Our instructors have certifications to help nearly all disabilities. We can provide you all the tailored techniques you need to be an effective shooter. You have overcome so much now, why not improve?

Q: Will the Personal Defense Course teach me to kill people?

A: Our experiences in life, we understand what tolls taking another humans life can be both physically, mentally and emotionally. We know this first hand. Our course isn’t designed to take a life. We designed this course to help defend your own life, evade situations in which you could be put into a life threatening situation. Our courses are based on Situational Awareness (SA). Don’t put yourself into a situation of danger and you have a better chance of avoiding it. IF you find yourself in danger, create space, physical defense and finally drawing and using your firearm. All of our courses have been informally put through the test of some of our hometown heros, our police department. Evaluated to be the best way to defend yourself against litigation if you had to use your firearm in self defense. WE ARE NOT LAWYERS! WE ARE CARING CITIZENS WHO DEFEND OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS

Q: Can you help me find the right gun for me?

A: Every person finds themselves sided to a certain brand or type of firearm. We will give your our personal opinions backed by experience. Not every gun is the same, but every gun works the same. Unless you plan on putting a significant amount of ammunition upwards of 10K rounds through your firearm, most guns will fit the application of Every Day Carry (EDC) and significant range use. We will give you the options of the most “famous” gun which will fire a round, to the most budget gun which will fire the same round equally. It’s your money, don’t waste it on a fad, save a penny and buy more ammo instead!!

Q: What is the Self Awareness Course about?

A: This course will teach you about apps on your smart phone that auto log you in.  Ever see “log in with facebook/gmail”?  Our love for habit and ease is also an open door for perpetrators.  Allow us to show you the simple but scary techniques to limit your internet footprint and keep those online thieves away, as well as those who mean to do you harm.  We will teach you how to see a perp before they make you a target.  You will learn, once a confrontation is inevitable, how to esacape with simple but very effective techniques anyone can learn and practice at home.

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