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Who are we? We are a veteran owned, small business in Virginia Beach. We are comprised of veterans who multiple tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operations Enduring Freedom with over 15 combined deployments with a variety of forces ranging from conventional Infantry Units to some of the highest foreign/domestic special forces.

What do we do? Although we do not consider ourselves firearms “experts” we have an extensive knowledge in just about any foreign or domestic firearm. Here at BKD, we strive to give you what other “institutions” will not. In our indoor training courses, we use special ammunition which is ballistically similar to your common 9mm or 5.56 NATO calibers but are less than lethal. These rounds provide a safer environment for first time shooters all the way up to your expert marksman.

We also have an outdoor range located in Virginia Beach reserved for our live fire courses and group range reservations. We found a need to increase the level of experience for those who choose to carry a firearm. In our book, online courses just don’t provide the level of confidence you will get from our instruction.  Drawing your sidearm from its holster for the first time shouldn’t be when you need it, it should be under the instruction of our top level facilitators. BKD instructors are NRA Certified in all facets of civilian & Law Enforcement, as well we bring an extensive military background. We have Master Training Specialists, Small Arms Instructors, DCJS instructors as well as vast Martial Arts experience from various disciplines.

Why are we different? Have you walked into your local gun shop or range? Ever wonder what the experience level is of those behind the desk? When you make an appointment with any of our BKD facilitators you will find every member has defended their own lives abroad or at home. Be it Close Quarters Battle or long distance gun fights, our members have faced some of the toughest battles of our time. When you meet our instructors you will meet: Multiple Bronze Star recipients and Purple Heart awardees which are just two examples of the valor in which were earned in war. Among these warriors you will meet some of the most down to earth, friendly people in the Tidewater Region. If you don’t feel at home here in BKD, let us know!! We want to be your trainers for life.

We take pride in our ability to help train those who are disabled. Be it wheelchair, crutches, deaf or blind are just a few examples, our staff thoroughly enjoys helping those who want to better protect themselves or those around them. We can provide an entire lesson just to fit your specific needs.

You are the only one stopping your potential!

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E: info@bareknuckledefense.com
P: (757) 354-1139

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